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What is Earthing? [And How It Can Help You Reconnect & Feel Better]

Posted by Erin Urton on July 20, 2016 under Living Happier & Healthier

What is Earthing? [And How It Can Help You Reconnect & Feel Better] | Nature's Path


Living in concrete jungles, propped up on thick-soled protective shoes, it’s no wonder we often feel so out of touch or even alone. In less than 100 years, we’ve managed to put inches and often several feet in between our own feet and the earth - the living breathing organism that sustains us.


Many people experiencing loneliness, mental health issues and stress frequently state they feel ungrounded or disconnected, and also deal with issues like chronic pain, insomnia and fatigue.


One of the simplest ways to reconnect and feel better is by being in nature. And I mean literally. Pull off your socks, your shoes, step off the sidewalk and into some soft green grass. Establish an intimate connection to that which sustains you, the place we all came from - the earth. And there’s a new term for this: Earthing.

 What is Earthing? [And How It Can Help You Reconnect & Feel Better] | Nature's Path


So, What is Earthing?

Technically, earthing is based on the notion that the electromagnetic energy emitted by the earth promotes wellbeing when there is a physical connection with it. The idea is that the earth provides a source of subtle energy essential for us to experience true vitality.


The earth’s surface is dense with negatively charged free electrons. In contrast, humans are laden with damaging, positively charged free radicals. The kind that cause inflammation – the culprit for so many of us in pain or ill-health.


When we have “skin-to-skin” contact with the earth, it’s thought that there is direct inflow of negative electrons thereby neutralizing the positive pain-causing ones. This may contribute to easing inflammation, chronic pain, fatigue and many other ailments.


What is Earthing? [And How It Can Help You Reconnect & Feel Better] | Nature's Path


How to Try Earthing

The beauty of earthing is that it’s so simple. All you need to do is stand, sit or lay down in direct contact with the ground – soil, grass or rock. This direct skin contact allows for energy conduction or transfer, and you simply soak it up.


One of the healthiest activities one can do is to ground and move at the same time. We can do this by barefoot walking. On the beach, in a park, and if you toughen up your feet a bit, on hiking trails, too.


If your lifestyle doesn’t permit this often enough or you’re simply unable to go barefoot, there are now special shoes and sandals out there that have electromagnetic conductors built right in. You can even buy sheets that plug into the ground connector in your electrical sockets so that you yourself can be grounded all night long.


So whether or not you’re feeling ungrounded, get out and get earthing. By plugging into the outdoors, you can get out of a whole host of problems.


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