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Seasonal Produce: Spring Veggies & How To Cook And Eat Them

Spring is almost upon us, and in my opinion it’s one of the best seasons to get into the kitchen. Long gone are the heavy, wintery comfort foods soon to be replaced by lighter,...

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How To Switch To A Plant-Based Diet

To be, or not to be, vegetarian is a question many of us ponder. Scientists have linked a plant-based diet with a potential reduction in global warming, making a vegetarian diet far more...

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Conscious Consumerism: How To Read Labels

Posted by Courtney Sunday on March 15, 2017 under Living Happier & Healthier

Once upon a time, people didn’t have to read food labels. Food didn’t have labels. It was just…food.

As time marched on, food and consumer goods have become increasingly complex, deviating...

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The Top 5 Nutrient Deficiencies on a Plant Based Diet

If you want to boost your health and maximize your longevity, switching to a vegan or vegetarian diet may be one of the best things you can do. Living a plant-based diet and lifestyle is not...

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What Is Conscious Consumerism?

Posted by Courtney Sunday on March 10, 2017 under Living Happier & Healthier

In the wake of salacious headlines and alternative facts, it can be a relief to find that there are people out there dedicated to a life of being awake. Conscious consumerism is a way of declaring...

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Why You Should Consider Minimalist Living

Posted by Jeffrey Harrison on March 01, 2017 under Living Happier & Healthier

Minimalism is not simply about having few possessions or vowing to consume less. It's first and foremost about realizing, being proud of, and cherishing the meaningful things you do have.

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6 DIY Green Cleaners for All Your Natural Cleaning Needs

Posted by Courtney Sunday on February 24, 2017 under Living Happier & Healthier

It is rare to come across the Monica Gellers of the world, but they’re out there. They get a high out of a carpet line created by the perfect vacuum session. They would happily say no to a party...

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7 Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Driving to work, preparing dinner, taking a shower, using the computer - these activities are all part of an average day for most people. There’s something else they have in common, too: they all...

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The Benefits Of Veganism For You And The Planet

I'm a vegan. I'm a vegan for many reasons, but to put it simply, it's because I care deeply about the world around me.

But counter to what some may think about vegans, I don't like to preach. If...

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What is the difference between Vegetarian and Vegan?

Posted by Nature's Path on February 07, 2017 under Healthy Food & Recipes, Living Happier & Healthier

For people who don't follow a vegetarian or vegan diet, the difference between them can seem murky. Sure, neither diet includes beef, but what about brownies, yogurt and pizza? And what about all...

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