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The Rise of Organic Food & How You Can Add to the Momentum

Posted by Jeffrey Harrison on August 08, 2017 under Organic News & Sustainability

The choices we make at the grocery store extend far beyond how we satisfy our cravings and fill our bellies. For far too long, Westerners have been choosing food with an endless number of impacts that have proven to be harmful to our bodies, our beloved earth, and the traditional way of life of millions of people. In the past few years, however, we’ve been provided a gift: a gift of choice. We can either stick to conventional foods that are only going to make the problem worse, or we can choose organic foods for a positive change.


The Rise of Organic Food & How You Can Add to the Momentum | Nature's Path


How we shop and the food we buy demonstrates society's priorities as a whole. As soon as a community of consumers begins to emerge, production and industry are close to follow. Our actions as a society speak much louder than our words, and our actions are not going unnoticed.



The Rise of Organic Food

A study by Rabobank shows that organic food sales are on the rise in Western Europe and North America - consumers have shown their hand. More and more of us are reaching for organics over conventional counterparts, and we’re speaking louder than ever through our actions. Buying organic food means we’re breaking down the horrific and far too common trend of destructive industrial agriculture, establishing the foundation for a healthier, less toxic Western diet, and we’re doing so without compromising the well being of others. 


History shows that what you buy influences our industry and our economy. Shopping or growing organic food began with a small community of conscious people interested in eating food that works with (rather than against) nature. In pursuit of a healthier lifestyle and environment, a small group of organic-minded people has transformed into a nationwide community. Today, shopping for organics is much more than a trend. It is a growing phenomena and a thriving industry that’s sweeping across Western Europe and North America with no end in sight.


The Rise of Organic Food & How You Can Add to the Momentum | Nature's Path



What Can You Do?

The only way we can continue to see the organic industry grow and thrive is with our support. Our fork and wallet are powerful tools for change, and so are our words. A simple word of encouragement to our friends and coworkers will help.


Once people understand what is at stake and see the actions of their organic shopping friends, they'll think twice about what they're buying. If you’ve made a single person consider the organic choice at the supermarket, then you've added to the momentum.


Organic shoppers, your devotion is making a difference! We are on a positive path full of hope. The effect of your actions may not always be easy to see, but every little bit makes a difference. It's you, and others like you that are the reason we’ve come this far.


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Let's not stop now - let's keep working together to achieve a completely organic world!



Written by Jeffrey Harrison

Jeffrey Harrison holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Victoria in Geography with a concentration in Environment and Sustainability, but over and above his institutional studies, Jeff is a relentless environmental learner, visionary, and an optimist. As a vegetarian and keen bike commuter Jeff aims to adapt his lifestyle to leave the smallest possible footprint while staying skeptical and continuing to question the world around him. Jeff finds a simplistic, yet spiritual faith among the beauty of the outdoors and one day hopes to see a thriving natural world. IG: J.Dezzy