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Road Trip Music for Your Summer Playlist

Posted by Nature's Path on June 28, 2016 under Living Happier & Healthier

Girls summer road trip fun

Whether you are hitting the road solo, with your family or with close buddies, music can make the difference between a trip that is lively and memorable and one that is boring.

We should know since the Nature's Path team is on the road all summer delivering delicious organic samples of breakfast & bars (check out our tour schedule and stop by to say hi!). Choosing the right road trip music is important for an enjoyable journey - so here are our suggestions to give you a head start! 

Solo Road Trips (or Buddy Road Trips)

When you drive solo, bopping along to the right music makes the miles drop away. Only you know the tried and trustworthy songs that are sure to get your engine and energy going, so add your personal favorites. After that, consider the following few. Road tripping with a buddy? These songs will have you both singing along.

  1. "Banana Boat Song (Day-O)" by Harry Belafonte
  2. "Hotel California" by Gipsy Kings
  3. "Circle of Life" from "The Lion King" soundtrack

If you are a bit nervous about making the trip, never fear. These next few songs have your back.

  1. "Turn and Run" by Alice Russell
  2. "Feeling Good" by Nina Simone
  3. "When the Night Feels My Song" by Bedouin Soundclash

Family road trip

Family Road Trips

Music on a family road trip must usually be mild to some degree and capable of pleasing folks across a wide age spectrum. Fortunately, plenty of songs are up to the task; it's up to you whether you sing along! P.S. These songs are excellent for solo trekkers too.

  1. "Ring of Fire" by Johnny Cash
  2. "Shout" by The Isley Brothers
  3. "I Wish" by Stevie Wonder
  4. "Route 66" by John Mayer
  5. "I Want Candy" by Bow Wow Wow
  6. "Born to Hand Jive" by Sha Na Na


Time of Day

As you no doubt know, some songs are more effective at certain times of the day than at others. Here's a list to keep you on track.

  1. Wee hours of the morning/really late at night: "Would I Lie To You?" by Charles & Eddie
  2. During those rainy afternoons: "Bad Weather" by Superhumanoids
  3. Driving into a sunset: "Souvenir" by OMD

Big open road sunset

In addition, the songs on the family road trip playlist do a pretty good job of keeping you awake, whether it's mid-afternoon or late at night.

Creating your playlist can be one of the best parts about planning a road trip. What's not to like – great music, beckoning adventure and excellent company, whether your own or that of family/friends?

Listen to the Nature's Path playlist here!


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