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Our 7 Best Vegan Breakfast Recipes

Posted by Nature's Path on July 17, 2017

Breakfast is our favorite meal of the day (clearly). With everything from organic cereals and granola to organic frozen waffles, Nature's Path believes strongly in the power of an energizing and healthy breakfast.

All of our tasty organic products are vegetarian, and we also offer a variety of vegan options. With veganism growing in popularity because of its many benefits to your body and to the planet, we thought we'd share this list of our best vegan breakfast recipes:



1. Berry Coconut Smoothie Bowl

Nature27s Path Organic Cereal - Smoothie Bowl Series - 1280-3200.jpg


A sweet blend of strawberries and blueberries gives this smoothie bowl a rich purple hue and a satisfying base for toppings - this one is finished off with fresh fruit, toasted coconut, and Sunrise Crunchy Maple cereal.



2. Caramelized Banana Oatmeal

Nature's Path - Caramelized Banana Oatmeal - 1280-7640-1.jpg


What's more comforting than a bowl of oatmeal? Melted vegan chocolate bits and caramelized bananas!



3. Maple-Pecan Breakfast Cake

Maple Pecan Breakfast Bake_1 - SMALL-1.jpg


Any cake that you can eat for breakfast is a cake we're interested in trying! This one is made with corn grits and oats, topped with a sweet streusel.



4. Mixed Muesli Overnight Oats



A delicious combination of grated fruit, nuts, and seeds add great texture to these overnight oats.



5. Dark Chocolate & Red Berries Parfait

Nature's Path Organic Dark Chocolate & Red Berries Parfait 1280-3.jpg


Devour this parfait for breakfast (or dessert)! Luxurious layers of sweet-berry chia jam, Love Crunch Dark Chocolate & Red Berries Granola, dairy-free yogurt, and fresh berries make this one tasty treat.



6. Chocolate Trail Mix Breakfast Cookies

Chocolate Trail Mix Nature's Path Breakfast Cookies-9142.jpg


Stay energized all day with these breakfast cookies, loaded with vegan chocolate chunks, pumpkin seeds, a medley of dried fruits, and creamy peanut butter.



7. Oatmeal Latté

Nature's Path - Oatmeal Latté 1280px (2).jpg


An odd combination, you may think. While that may be true, this recipe is perfect for lovers of oatmeal and espresso.


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Which of these vegan breakfast recipes would you most like to try?