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How to Make an Up-Cycled Gift Box [with HGTV star Tiffany Pratt]

Posted by Nature's Path on November 09, 2016 under Organic News & Sustainability

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Today at Nature's Path we had the pleasure of hosting Tiffany Pratt - stylist, designer, HGTV star, and fairy godmother of glitter. 

Leading us through a cereal box craft, Tiffany added a splash of colour (and of course, glitter!) to an otherwise grey and rainy afternoon. Not only did our team have the chance to get away from our desks and get our hands sticky, Tiffany's creative philosophy left a lasting impression on us.

While we smeared coloured paint over our upcycled cereal boxes, Tiffany reminded us that "the process of making is more important than the result" and "just to make for the sake of making". It was a refereshing and pressure-free look at the creative process. 









Not only that but as a team whose mission is to "always leave the earth better than [we] found it" - we also loved her message of reusing things that we already have. 

We spent an hour re-imagining our cereal boxes (an actual craft from Tiffany's book!) while she encouraged us: "don't forget your childlike wonder and don't forget to think of something as it's own magical something else."


Must-haves to make your gift box 


  • An empty cereal box 
  • White acrylic paint
  • Sponge brush or paint brush
  • A paper/ cardboard gift tag
  • Ribbon/ string/ twine to attach gift tag

Tip: Find a shop that Urban Source (in Vancouver) - all of these materials came from. People deliver items that would otherwise be thrown into the trash. 


Extras to decorate your box


  • Coloured acrylic paints
  • Glitter
  • Craft,  scraps, coloured tape and more!

Note: be careful with your acrylic paint, but if it gets on your clothes - wet it right away and it should come out. 


How-To Decorate Your Cereal Box


1) Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and tap into your creativity!

2) Paint your empty cereal box white as a base layer and let it dry.

2) Get decorating.


Decor Ideas/ Here's What We Made! 

up-cycle cereal box

Try layering ribbon and string and other bits and bobs! 


up-cycle cereal box ideas

Craft your own bow or "flower" for the top of your gift box. 



 Create a garland to wrap around the box. 



 Paint shapes and stick on some paper cut-outs. 



Make a cute animal face for a kid's gift box! 


As Tiffany says you can invigorate the mundane with something beautiful, and that's exactly what she did for us today. 

Reuse some of the things in your home and beautify them in a totally new way. We highly recommend her book, This Can Be Beautiful



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