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Found, Foraged & Crafted Natural Holiday Decorations

Posted by Nature's Path on November 17, 2015 under Organic News & Sustainability

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Evergreen plants and trees have held special meaning during the winter season for thousands of years. Hanging boughs over doorways and windows was common practice, as was decorating trees and bringing them into the home.

Over time things have evolved, and shiny plastic decorations commonly replace, and imitate, the decor found right outside our door!

We like to think nature does it best, so we asked you for your ideas for found, foraged and crafted natural holiday decorations. Here are the top 7 ideas we heard and a fun holiday craft from us!


1. Forage for a Green Wreath

Forage for green boughs and branches and twist them into a beautiful homemade wreath. Imperfection required. Best to find greenery in your backyard or forage what's fallen on the forest floor (we gathered ours after a windstorm!).  


2. Branch Out with Candle Holders

Candle holders made from rescued tree branches

Our Facebook friend Kimberley rescued her cedar tree from ice and created these beautiful wooden candle holders from a few of the branches. Try your own at home for a calm, candle-lit space. 

Photo & candle holders by Wood Daze



3. Get Crafty for the Tree

A recycled paper bird ornament

Create your own tree ornaments from recycled items - try crafting up one of these paper birdies or follow the footsteps of our friends - try upcycling old mittens or repurpose old holiday scrapbooking materials. (Download our template for this Paper Birdie Ornament and have an evening in with your family!)




4. Try 'Found' Flower Arranging

A 'found' flower arranging using foraged red berries and branches

Make your own center pieces and found flower arrangements with foraged red berries and branches. Try tying the stems together, wrapping the ends with burlap and hanging upside-down.

Photo from




5. Go Gilded and Glittered

Leaves that have been shallacked (or gilded)

Our friend Ami suggested shallacking (or gilding) leaves to give nature's bounty a little extra pizzaz. 

Photo from Gardenista





6. Feed Feathered Friends

Homemade pinecone feeders

We heard a great idea to feed our feathered friends over the holidays with these pretty homemade pinecone feeders. 

Photo and how-to by Fountain Avenue Kitchen







7. Make Strings of Natural Things

Cute chestnut ornaments

Snack and string with lengths of popcorn or craft up these cute chestnut ornaments. Follow these simple felting instructions to make the heads. For the hats and bodies, gather pine cones and acorn tops.






Recycled paper birdie ornament template

Download our Recycled Paper Birdie CraftIt makes for a fun and festive craft to make with your family!