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Sarah West has worked on small farms and local food systems since 2008, a path that has taken her from pulling weeds on an organic garlic farm in northeastern Oregon to managing a vibrant farmers market in Portland. Along the way she earned an associate's degree in Horticulture and ran her own small farm, where she learned how hard it is to make a living growing organic food. She currently lives at the foothills of the Wallowa Mountains in northeast Oregon, where she and her husband recently bought a plot of land down the road from the garlic farm where it all started.
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Breeding Nutrition Back into Food with Organic Seeds

You probably have a good idea of what nutritious food is: vegetables, whole grains, lean/ plant based proteins, and moderation. You may also be aware of how farming practices (such as pesticide...

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Antioxidants in Organics: Hype or Hard Science?

I’ll start by saying that I almost solely eat organic foods. I used to grow organic vegetables professionally and still do in my home garden. I research and write about organic farming and...

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Glyphosate Testing: Controversy and Inaction

Posted by Sarah West on March 31, 2017 under Organic News & Sustainability


According to email documents recently released through Freedom of Information Act requests, the USDA is quietly changing their 2017 chemical residue testing plans by dropping a test for...

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Are You Eating Glyphosate? How Organic Farming Can Help.

Posted by Sarah West on March 24, 2017 under Organic News & Sustainability

It’s downright complicated these days to determine what foods are more or less safe to consume. Certifications and label claims abound, news reports conflict each other, and—perched on the crest...

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The Battle Over Intellectual Rights and Organic Seeds

Posted by Sarah West on February 24, 2017 under Home Gardens & Growing, Organic News & Sustainability

Most of us haven’t spent much time thinking about seeds and what they mean to our food supply. Food, we collectively acknowledge, is food. With the rise of the organic movement, however, food is...

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What Do Food Labels Like Certified Organic, Natural and Non-GMO Mean?

We’ve all been there: standing in the grocery store aisle facing twenty kinds of crackers (or pasta, or mayo, or cereal), scanning the labels to find the product that not only looks the tastiest,...

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The Relationship Between Organic Food, Pesticides and Health

Posted by Sarah West on January 23, 2017 under Organic News & Sustainability

There are many valuable reasons to choose organically grown products, chief among them being the concern that the synthetic chemicals used in conventional farming may be detrimental to our...

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How to Crave Healthy Wholesome Organic Food

Posted by Sarah West on January 17, 2017 under Healthy Food & Recipes, Organic News & Sustainability

As we round out the first month of New Year resolutions, when our efforts at cleansing and healing through food are at their annual zenith, I’ll let you in on a secret older than all the food...

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Organic Seeds: The Future of Organic Food

Posted by Sarah West on December 29, 2016 under Organic News & Sustainability

When it comes to the success of a movement as complex as organic agriculture, tiny little seeds may seem like a small matter, nowhere near as urgent as GMOs or pesticides. But in order for organic...

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The True Cost of Conventional vs. Organic Food

Posted by Sarah West on December 12, 2016 under Organic News & Sustainability

I ran my own small farm for a few years, growing vegetables on half an acre. I enjoyed the work and I did it (with my husband and parents regularly pitching in) as a personal challenge, to see...

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