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Nan Fischer

Nan Fischer is the founder of the Taos NM Seed Exchange, a free community service for home gardeners to trade seed. She has been working with plants for 40 years as farmer, landscaper, home gardener, and nursery owner. She holds a degree in Plant Science from the University of New Hampshire, and shares her knowledge by teaching others how to grow their own food. She is a home and garden writer who takes time out for reading, hiking, gardening, and experimenting in the kitchen.

Recent Posts

How to Plant a Water-Saving Yard [Alternatives to the Lawn]

Posted by Nan Fischer on June 21, 2016 under Home Gardens & Growing
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14 Garden Chores You Must Do In June

Posted by Nan Fischer on June 10, 2016 under Home Gardens & Growing

As the summer solstice approaches this month, the days are the longest for the year. Plants thrive with all that sunlight, and you can tend to the garden until almost bedtime! In June, you should...

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13 Garden Chores for May

Posted by Nan Fischer on May 05, 2016 under Home Gardens & Growing

May is a busy and exciting month in the garden! You probably don’t need any reminders of chores, because no matter where you turn, your yard will loudly be seeking attention.

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Easy Plants for Beginner Gardeners [Veggies, Herbs & Flowers]

Posted by Nan Fischer on April 25, 2016 under Home Gardens & Growing
Over the last several years, there has been an increased interest in gardening. People are becoming aware of the importance of organic and non-GMOs produce, and by growing their own, they can...
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