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Jeffrey Harrison holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Victoria in Geography with a concentration in Environment and Sustainability, but over and above his institutional studies, Jeff is a relentless environmental learner, visionary, and an optimist. As a vegetarian and keen bike commuter Jeff aims to adapt his lifestyle to leave the smallest possible footprint while staying skeptical and continuing to question the world around him. Jeff finds a simplistic, yet spiritual faith among the beauty of the outdoors and one day hopes to see a thriving natural world. IG: J.Dezzy

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Why You Should Consider Minimalist Living

Posted by Jeffrey Harrison on March 01, 2017 under Organic News & Sustainability

Minimalism is not simply about having few possessions or vowing to consume less. It's first and foremost about realizing, being proud of, and cherishing the meaningful things you do have.

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The Benefits Of Veganism For You And The Planet

Posted by Jeffrey Harrison on February 10, 2017 under Healthy Food & Recipes

I'm a vegan. I'm a vegan for many reasons, but to put it simply, it's because I care deeply about the world around me.


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The Rise of Organic Food & What You Can Do to Add to the Momentum

Posted by Jeffrey Harrison on November 18, 2016 under Organic News & Sustainability

The choices we make at the grocery store extend far beyond how we satisfy our cravings and fill our bellies. For far too long Westerners have been choosing food with an endless number of impacts...

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15 Resources to Get Informed About Organic Food

Posted by Jeffrey Harrison on October 28, 2016 under Organic News & Sustainability

Staying informed and up to date on any topic is a simple task these days. All we need to do is tap a few buttons on a keyboard until we’re inevitably bombarded by endless means of information. At...

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11 Reasons Why Organic Food is Better for You & the Planet

Posted by Jeffrey Harrison on October 20, 2016 under Organic News & Sustainability

Making the right choices at the grocery store for both you and your family can often be a daunting task. There are so many products to choose from that all seem to do the same thing: feed you.

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11 of the Best Food & Sustainability Documentaries

Posted by Jeffrey Harrison on October 19, 2016 under Organic News & Sustainability

Nothing’s better than a warm cup of tea and good movie on a rainy fall day. At Nature’s Path we like to take that time to broaden our horizons on the topics we love most: sustainable living and...

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