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Jason Boyce

Jason has been working as a sustainability professional for over 10 years, working both with non-profit and for-profit companies. In 2010 Jason began working with Nature’s Path Foods, running their sustainability programs. He led the efforts to achieve ambitious sustainability goals such as zero waste by 2015, and carbon neutral by 2020. Jason is also a board member (and former board president) of the Sustainable Food Trade Association, an industry trade group focused on assisting organic food companies with sustainability across all their operations, and a board member of the National Zero Waste Council in Canada. Jason is also a dad, a passionate amateur baker and chef, a voracious reader of anything and everything he can, and a general all around know-it-all (he chooses to take that as a compliment).

Recent Posts

The Palm Oil Debate: What You Need to Know

Palm oil, organic or not, has become one of the most hotly contested ingredients widely available today. You can find palm oil or palm oil derivatives in your pantry, freezer and fridges, in your...

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What is Zero Waste?

Posted by Jason Boyce on May 12, 2017 under Organic News & Sustainability

Imagine yourself at home, making a pot of rice. You go to your pantry, get the bag of rice, a pot, and fill it with water. Simple, healthy, and something millions of people all around the world do...

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