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Dara Sutin

Dara Sutin is a classically trained Cordon Bleu Chef, Food Stylist and Recipe Writer who splits her time between London, United Kingdom and her hometown of Toronto, Canada. A passionate baker, she went on to hone her skills working as a Pastry Chef at Ottolenghi in London before shifting directions to pursue her career as a Food Stylist and Food Writer. Dara’s passion for food has allowed her to gain invaluable experience in restaurant consulting, recipe development, and also as a personal chef for private clients. With a strong desire to share her knowledge and passion for food, she continues to explore a variety of opportunities across all areas of the food industry. Some clients include Jamie Oliver Ltd, Waitrose Kitchen, Women’s Health, Fresh Restaurants, Conde Nast and Penguin Publishing. She lives, cooks, and writes in West London, United Kingdom.

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How To Make Overnight Oats (+ Recipes!)

Posted by Dara Sutin on August 31, 2017 under Healthy Food & Recipes

Oatmeal has a controversial role in breakfast. Some of us who grew up eating it love the sloppy, goop-like consistency of hot porridge. There is something so satisfying about a large bowl of oats...

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How To Make the Perfect Smoothie Bowl

Posted by Dara Sutin on July 28, 2017 under Healthy Food & Recipes

If we’ve learned anything from our Instagram feed lately, it’s that smoothie bowls have become extremely popular. They are having an "it" moment in the healthy food world, and for good reason....

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The Ultimate Guide to Chia Seed Pudding [Recipes Included!]

Posted by Dara Sutin on May 19, 2017 under Healthy Food & Recipes

When most people think of chia seeds, it’s because of those magical plant creatures we grew up with on our windowsill. Little did we know, chia seeds host some pretty amazing health benefits and...

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Seasonal Produce: Spring Veggies & How To Cook And Eat Them

Spring is almost upon us, and in my opinion it’s one of the best seasons to get into the kitchen. Long gone are the heavy, wintery comfort foods soon to be replaced by lighter, healthier...
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4 Chef-Crafted Meals for Summer (with under 10 ingredients each)

Posted by Dara Sutin on June 05, 2016 under Healthy Food & Recipes

As the days get longer ( and thankfully warmer!) we try to make the most of cooking with whats in season, and that often means getting creative with flavour. Long gone are the days of hearty,...

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Spring Fruits and What To Do with Them

Fruit is the quintessential sign of the coming summer months in North America. Unlike other countries around the world with more temperate climates and easier access to certain fruits year...
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Your Ultimate Salad Dressing Guide [7 Recipes Included!]

Posted by Dara Sutin on April 09, 2016 under Healthy Food & Recipes
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Food Styling For the Everyday Foodie

Posted by Dara Sutin on February 14, 2016 under Healthy Food & Recipes
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