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Courtney Sunday is a writer and yoga teacher with messy hair, sloppy handstands and a big smile. She is most proud of the stamps in her passport, her fierce loyalty and her ability to cook in any sized kitchen. Courtney runs teacher training sessions and yoga retreats and is doing her best to finish her first novel. Find out more about her at

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How To Switch To A Plant-Based Diet

To be, or not to be, vegetarian is a question many of us ponder. Scientists have linked a plant-based diet with a potential reduction in global warming, making a vegetarian diet far more...

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Conscious Consumerism: How To Read Labels

Posted by Courtney Sunday on March 15, 2017 under Living Happier & Healthier

Once upon a time, people didn’t have to read food labels. Food didn’t have labels. It was just…food.

As time marched on, food and consumer goods have become increasingly complex, deviating...

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What Is Conscious Consumerism?

Posted by Courtney Sunday on March 10, 2017 under Living Happier & Healthier

In the wake of salacious headlines and alternative facts, it can be a relief to find that there are people out there dedicated to a life of being awake. Conscious consumerism is a way of declaring...

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6 DIY Green Cleaners for All Your Natural Cleaning Needs

Posted by Courtney Sunday on February 24, 2017 under Living Happier & Healthier

It is rare to come across the Monica Gellers of the world, but they’re out there. They get a high out of a carpet line created by the perfect vacuum session. They would happily say no to a party...

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How to Do a Digital Detox

Posted by Courtney Sunday on February 01, 2017 under Living Happier & Healthier

Likely you have read a lot of articles about how to cleanse your body after a holiday season of excess. Many of us wake up on January 1st vowing to do better and to detox our body with green...

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Corporate Sustainability: How Companies Big & Small Make a Difference

Posted by Courtney Sunday on January 11, 2017 under Organic News & Sustainability

It is evident that the world has begun to change - and not only for the worse. Many of us now recognize that there is more satisfaction to be had when we think beyond our own wants and desires. We...

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4 Unexpected Benefits of Good Posture

Posted by Courtney Sunday on January 06, 2017 under Living Happier & Healthier

I knew I had bad posture when I was a teenager and a fellow teenager commented on it. Although we were all slumped over, apparently, I excelled at it. This was not where I wanted my expertise to...

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How to Shop for Cruelty-Free Cosmetics

Posted by Courtney Sunday on December 29, 2016 under Living Happier & Healthier

When I came home for Christmas, I got “the look” from some people when I told them that my partner and I were trying to be vegan. “The look” originates from assumptions. Rather than being a fun...

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What Is Eco-Fashion And How To Be Responsibly Fashionable

Eco-fashion has become a big, booming business that is no longer limited to niche designers. Sustainable and recyclable materials are now making their way into boardrooms and onto catwalks. Just...

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4 Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas Your Family & Friends Will Love

It’s that time of year!

No matter what holiday you celebrate (or don’t), the end of year can turn into a flurry of endless activity. Shop, cook, engage in merriment, repeat.

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