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A Beginner's Guide to Farmers' Market Shopping

Posted by Nature's Path on May 25, 2017 under Organic News & Sustainability

Young people shopping at the farmers market

There's nothing like a trip to the farmers market. Gorgeous produce row upon row, freshly baked goodies at every corner, and smiles all around.


You may already know the benefits of farmers market shopping, but you might not know all the secrets when it comes to picking the freshest produce and getting the most bang for your buck. Have a fun and comfortable trip with our 6 tips below.


Tips for a Successful Trip to the Market

1. Go Early

Wake up and stretch - getting to the farmers market early ensures you get the best pick of market goodies!

Ensure you have the best pick of market goodies. Produce often sells out near the end of the day.

The other side of the coin: you can sometimes score sweet deals just before the markets close as farmers would rather sell their local produce fresh rather than cart it back to the farm.


2. Bring Reusable Bags

Bringing reusable bags to the farmers market is one easy way to practice sustainability

Farms often do not supply bags and you’ll be helping the planet by bringing your own.


3. Bring Cash & Small Bills

Bring cash and small bills to the farmers market to ensure a quick and smooth transaction

While some of the bigger markets accept credit cards, most work on a cash only basis.


4. Do a Quick Lap Upon Arrival

Do a quick lap upon arriving at the farmers market to scan for the best looking produce and prices

Survey each stall and mentally take note of who has the juiciest looking strawberries and the ripest tomatoes.


5. Purchase Your Heaviest Items Last

Purchase heavy items last at the farmers market, so you're not lugging around 5lbs of carrots all morning

Who wants to lug a 5lb bag of carrots around the market all morning?


6. Ask Questions!

Ask the farmers questions to learn about the foods you are buying

Learn about the foods you are buying and the best ways to prepare them.


Feeling ready to take on your local farmer's market this weekend? Use your farmer's market finds and throw a vegetarian BBQ or make a delicious chef-crafted farm-to-table meal!


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