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4 Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas Your Family & Friends Will Love

It’s that time of year!

No matter what holiday you celebrate (or don’t), the end of year can turn into a flurry of endless activity. Shop, cook, engage in merriment, repeat.

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9 Holiday Drinks to Keep You Warm & Cozy This Winter

Posted by Nature's Path on December 08, 2016 under Healthy Food & Recipes

Warm holiday drinks offer a cup of comfort from the frosty winter weather. Not only do they keep you snug, but they encourage social gatherings with friends. Think mulled cider at the holiday...

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11 Natural Holiday Decorations That Are Good for Your Home & Planet

Posted by Nan Fischer on December 07, 2016 under Living Happier & Healthier

If you need a change from the glitz and glare of lights and shiny ornaments, decorate with materials from nature this holiday season. Soft, subtle colors and textures are festive and relaxing.

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21 Gift-Worthy Holiday Cookie Recipes

Posted by Nature's Path on December 02, 2016 under Living Happier & Healthier


‘Tis the season of the cookie exchange, edible hostess gifts and party snacks.

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17 Plant-Based Recipes for the Holidays

Posted by Nature's Path on December 02, 2016 under Living Happier & Healthier

The holidays are a merry time full of family, friends and everyone's favorite, foooood. Food and community are intertwined - it is the glue that holds our celebrations together.

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7 Dairy Substitutes for Baking & Beyond

Posted by Nature's Path on December 01, 2016 under Living Happier & Healthier

Going dairy-free can change not only your diet, but also your life. People who stop eating products made from cow's milk report having more energy and better digestion. That's not surprising: an...

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5 Natural Morning Sickness Remedies Worth Trying

Posted by Courtney Sunday on November 28, 2016 under Living Happier & Healthier

I didn’t hear from many of my girlfriends in their first trimesters of pregnancy. Like many women, they had planned to not let anyone know until they cleared three months. Yet their bodies made it...

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Organic Farming & Development of New Squash Varieties

Posted by Sarah West on November 24, 2016 under Organic News & Sustainability

Tis the season for squash cooked many ways: as soup, hollowed out and stuffed with any number of fillings, slathered in curry sauce, and, of course, baked into Thanksgiving pumpkin pie. To many...

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What is Gratitude & How to Practice It This Holiday Season

Posted by Nature's Path on November 21, 2016 under Living Happier & Healthier

"I'm thankful for this food. Next?"

Everyone who has sat down to a Thanksgiving meal has heard some variation on this expression of gratitude. By the time you've done the elaborate meal prep and...

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A Complete Guide to Indoor Gardening

Posted by Nan Fischer on November 21, 2016 under Home Gardens & Growing

Do you think of an indoor winter garden as pots of aromatic herbs on a sunny windowsill? Does that feel kind of limiting to you? Well, you can do a lot more than that!

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