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How to Freeze Fresh Fruit & Avoid Freezer Burn

What's not to love about fruit? It's varied, colorful, delicious and appealing to all ages. And there's one more benefit: fruit freezes easily and well, meaning you can have fresh fruit in winter...

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Canning Recipes for Saving Summer Fruit

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What You Need to Know About Vitamin B12 Foods

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Gurdeep Stephens Takes on GMOs & GE in Victoria BC

Posted by Nature's Path on August 26, 2016 under Organic News & Sustainability
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4 Ways to Vary Your Vegan Diet [With Easy & Cheap Vegan Recipes!]

People adopt a vegan diet for many reasons: some for the lifestyle, some for the philosophy and some for the many health benefits. A recent study has indicated that a vegan diet may stop or...

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Organic Fertilizers 101 [Different Types & How to Make Them]

Posted by Nan Fischer on August 22, 2016 under Home Gardens & Growing

Healthy soil is the basis of organic gardening, and compost, or humus, is the basis of healthy soil.

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The Health Benefits of Coconut

When you picture a coconut, you may imagine the luscious white meat. However, when it comes to the health benefits of coconut, the meat is far from the only advantageous part. Coconut oil, coconut...

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9 Vegan Meringue Recipe Ideas [Thanks to Aquafaba!]

It is possible to have an eggless, vegan meringue. The secret ingredient? Chickpea liquid! 

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3 Summer Meditations That Take Advantage Of This Special Time Of Year

Posted by Courtney Sunday on August 05, 2016 under Living Happier & Healthier

Summer is here!

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3 Types of Plants for Drought Tolerant Landscaping

Posted by Nan Fischer on August 05, 2016 under Home Gardens & Growing

Now more than ever, we need to be aware of and implement drought tolerant landscaping. Rain cycles aren’t predictable anymore (unusual droughts and flooding), and neither are temperatures....

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